If I'm Being Honest

Is the Acting Good? Yes

The cast of “The Witcher” did a good job setting the milieu at the beginning of the story – you can really feel the emotions during every single scene, exactly what you’d expect when you watch a good adaptation. You will feel connected with the characters as their expressions would always be in line with the scenes wherein they always convey the natural complexity of human emotions. Henry Cavill definitely made a good Geralt of Rivia; he truly captured the way he delivers his dialogues, mannerisms, and diminutive details that just made me feel like he was not simply acting but bringing Geralt to life!

Is it entertaining? Yes

The series was an epic adventure; The action, magic, and set pieces cause you to leave the world as you know it and transports you into Geralt’s journey. It’s like you’re with them with what they’re going through. The cast performed beautifully, the effects were awesome, and they always had you eager to watch the next episode, as every episode was filled with mystery. Geralt being this loner that had to learn to connect and communicate with the people around him, and becoming emotionally attached to other characters. His character development was one that is most relatable to me which reflects some modern hindrances we experience in our world. I also found Jaskier, a supporting character, quite fun and has great chemistry with Geralt. The two of them always find themselves in trouble. Additionally, one of the best things about the series is the story of Yennefer. I would occasionally feel like I wanted to fight alongside her, and her story was satisfyingly tragic. Yennefer’s adventures were far more entertaining than that of Geralt’s in my opinion. Watching an unwanted woman, bullied and oppressed become strong  enough to take advantage of a fruitful opportunity at a serious price. Her journey in learning sorcery, seeing her growth as a person, and finally having a real friend.

Was the story good? Yes

As I said, the story is indeed playful, creative, and really brings out the mystical fantasy adventure cravings that we have, but the timeline can be quite confusing. It makes you question if you still have basic comprehension skills because in one episode you’ll be like “Oh, I wonder what’s gonna happen next!” to “What is going on? Am I on the right episode?” But that is the very thing that will keep you from dropping the series. There’s just so many mysteries to answer, and many could say that there’s too many, but from my viewpoint, it was just the right amount. It’s been a while since the audience was enticed to interact with the film they’re watching. Truly, this series has got to be one of the best ones I’ve watched in a long time. A good adaptation from both the book and the game.

To conclude, the cast of the series performed beautifully in spite of the challenging complexity of some scenes. I liked the fact that Geralt was a loner, but having dealt with many people, he learned how to connect with other people in the story. I can say that his character has really evolved throughout the series and is now more capable of expressing emotions and attachments than when the story began. Many of the supporting characters had thrilling arcs which piqued the interest of many people that love fantasy and adventure. The story itself was imaginative and managed to pull off exciting action sequences.

With that said, it had a bit of trouble presenting the timeline properly to some of its viewers. It was not in chronological order, which made it very difficult to catch on to what was happening in present times. Nevertheless, it was without a doubt, a good adaptation of one of the most successful video games with millions of fans wanting to see more.

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