If I'm Being Honest

Netflix has been releasing some amazing shows in the past few years, but the movie department has yet to catch the same buzz. As of late the idea, from the outside is looking in, seems to be more star power. With movies such as “The Harder They Fall”,”The Unforgivable”, and the biggest hit of them all, “Red Notice” puts on display how bright the lights can get over at Netflix.

The latest project from Netflix, “The Adam Project” has no shortage of stars to make sure this movie, at the very least, shines bright. Ryan Reynolds, Jenifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, and the amazing Zoe Saldana, bring their talents to this sci-fi comedy but is all the start power enough to keep your attention? We will travel through space and time to see if Netflix, “The Adam Project” is worth the ride through an interdimensional worm whole.

The Plot

In 2050, fighter pilot Adam Reed steals his time jet and escapes through time on a rescue mission to 2018. However, he managed to accidentally crash in 2022 where Adam meet his 12 year old self who is struggling with the recent death of their father Louis. Adam reluctantly enlists his younger self’s help to repair in his jet and reveals that he is on a mission to save his wife, Laura, who was supposedly killed in a crash while on a mission in 2018.

Adult Adam soon finds out that there are much higher stakes than saving his wife, time-traveling must be stopped to save the future. Maya Sorian, a future overload of dystopian future is at stake, and she will send her forces to stop Adam from destroying her future. Young and Adult Adam must come together and work on themselves while saving time and space.

Fun Facts

“The Adam Project” is engaging right away. The young actor Walker Scobell is a delight. His wit and timing in which delivers lines elevate this movie. Walker’s castmate, Ryan Reynolds, was able to deliver a couple of touching moments and some pretty good action beats with lightsaber. Adam Walker as “Young Adam” and Ryan Renyods as “Adult Adam” have a unique on screen chemistry that makes you wander if they are somehow related outside this film.

Another good choice for this film is the soundtrack. It’s hard to dislike a movie that has some timely placed 60’s and 70’s classics to emphasize the vibe. If this pairing that rivals peanut butter and jelly. I love peanut butter and jelly; I also love the guardians of the galaxy movies and the addition of Zoe Saldana jus compounded the feeling. She is great in the few moments we have with her character, and she comes in at the perfect time during a section of the film that really needed her presence.

Hard Truth

The “Adan Project” ha a million quips per second between Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell, but I think the writers forgot they have others characters in t he movie. For instance, the villian of the film. The Maya Sorian character wass barely a character at all. When we meet the old version of her, from the future, she does not give off that the character is a very strong villain. Not sure if it was the direction or the choice of the actor but when she finally has to deliver lines, they are poorly given.

I stared to get disinterested in the movie at this point; then the aforementioned Zoe Saldana saves the day and the movie with her presence. Speaking of presence, all the bad guys were faceless storm troopers. The only bad guy we movie gives Christos a menacing scar but barely gives him to much to say or do movie gives Christos a menacing scar but barely gives him much to say or do during this adventure. Honestly, it did not feel see or feels the effects of the terrible concerned with and we never get to really or feel the effects of the terrible future that is talked about in this movie, so all the motives just contrived or dare I say bland.

Truth Bomb

If I’m Being Honest, “The Adam Project” gets a spark. This movie starts at the hyper-speed with some of the time-traveling elements and all the quippy dialogue and banter between Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable and really had this movie going in the direction of higher rating because the Adam Project was really about “fixing Adam” and that’s fine but then then there are other parts of the film; the dark side “if you will, that makes all the good thing happening come to a screeching halt and almost crash this plane.

The Villains in the movie are really bad, not to mention the conclusion to the real context to what Adult Adam is trying to save the future from. Because the villain is below mediocre I would have at least liked to have seen where Adam was coming from so I could understand what was so bad. When the villain is not very good and we as viewers have no other real context to what is being saved, it’s hard to care about what happens.

This last Bit is Important!

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