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Honest Review: Red Notice(Netflix)

In a world where F.B.I. profiler John Hartley must clear his good name ; he is forced to team up with the worlds second best art thief to catch the worlds #1 art thief to clear his name.The Netflix Original, “Red Notice”, takes us on adventure into the underworld with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot star in this big budget blockbuster but was the cast or budget big enough to make “Red Notice” a good movie?” A quick, spoiler free, review might help decide if Netflix, “Red Notice” is for you!

Fun Facts: Red Notice doesn’t take itself seriously. The script pokes fun at how in every movie “The Rock” is an abnormally large man for the job, in this case an abnormally large F.B.I. profiler. Ryan Reynolds and The Rock have great chemistry together. I could see a buddy cop movie in their future, maybe a reboot of the “Lethal Weapon” franchise. “Red Notice” showcases Ryan Reynolds abilities as a physical actor and Gal Gadot’s action sequences might be some of the best in any movie this year! 

Hard Truth: “Red Notice” is billed to be a fun heist movie. This movie is fun, with more Ryan Reynolds quips than any one pair of ears can handle but skimps on the heist. Red Notice will never be mistaken for “Oceans 11″, maybe “Oceans 8”, that was not a very good movie. I digress, “Red Notice”  has elaborate plans for heist but come up short in execution. Its a bunch of people telling us they are great at heist but we really never see it. The only heist portion of the film is ruined when the elaborate plan is undermined by the opposition literally walking in and saying, “You know there’s an easier way in.” Its meant for laughs but it wasn’t very funny and the attempt for laughs ruined one of the better parts of the movie.

Truth Bomb: If I’m Being Honest, Netflix “Red Notice gets a spark. This movie does not take itself seriously and neither will I. The movie is a fun ride with not a whole lot in between. The cast is great in their roles and their chemistry carries the movie. Regretfully, though the budget is reported to be a big one, there is not much that is memorable about “Red Notice.” Netflix “Red Notice” is like a doughnut with no calories. Looks great on the outside but not much on the inside. You can eat this doughnut without shame!

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