If I'm Being Honest

This Netflix Series stars Jonah Hill from The Wolf of Wall Street, How to Train Your Dragon and more. He plays the role of a man with schizophrenia that does not know what is real and what is not. For the last year, Owen (Jonah Hill) has been jobless due to his schizophrenia symptoms, which include hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t real. Owen’s very real and very rich family includes numerous siblings, notably Jed (Magnussen), who passive-aggressively excludes Owen.

The dynamics with his family, friends, and job are like watching a train wreck. We are a rubbernecking society with a pension to consume an accident waiting to happen.You get hooked in the first episode of this miniseries because we all want to know how crazy it can get for Owen!

At first glance, it seems that the Milgram family’s portraits are all gigantic and pompous. Then the camera moves a few inches to the left and we see Owen’s little frame hanging all by itself on a wall. As soon as Owen arrives in Neberdine and meets Annie, his illusions persuade him that she has been predestined to join him and rescue the world.

While Annie (Emma Stone) may have a tighter grasp on reality, the guilt she feels about the breakup of her relationship with her sister Ellie (Julia Garner) is consuming her in her own way. It’s Annie’s hope that taking these drugs would finally put an end to her feelings of remorse and sorrow. As with her initial dismissal of Owen, she begins to see the two of them as a dynamic pair once they enter their first of multiple medically monitored dream states.

While under the influence, Owen and Annie’s real-life encounters and experiences come back to haunt them, like the lemur caper or the 1947 seance at the remote estate where they had their first date.

Watching Maniac is both thrilling and exhausting. For the film, depression and other mental illnesses are not as essential as the film’s underlying truths: how they isolate people, play tricks on the brain, cannot always be treated by a single, simple procedure. If you think about it, it’s a combination of drama and dark comedy, and it’s better to think of it as such. When it comes to making people laugh, Maniac has a unique quality: it never fails.

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