If I'm Being Honest

In a world where a mega star comedian named “The Kid”, played by Kevin Hart ,wakes up next to a dead body, putting his mega-star career in jeopardy.  He enlist the aid of the only person he can trust, his screw up brother, Carlton. Will these two be able to cover up  the crime, keep “The Kid” out of jail and his superstar lifestyle intact?  A quick spoiler free review of Netflix’s “True Story” can help you figure out if Kevin Hart’s “True Story”, worth watching!

Fun facts-Wesley Snipes performance as Carlton , “The Kids” brother is incredibly believable. A weary, street savvy hustler that’s always scheming keeps you wondering whether he’s smart enough to get his brother out of trouble or will he make things worse. The chemistry that Kevin Hart, and  Wesley Snipes manifest as brothers created an atmosphere that felt authentic, allowing the viewer to easily become a part of their world. “True Story” feels like it’s a look into Kevin Hart’s life. The small touches of his behind the scenes day to day with his joke writer or how he prepares for shows were nice complimentary pieces to create another level of authenticity to the story.

Hard Truth- I think Kevin Hart is getting better as an actor but it’s tough to say. He’s kind of  pulling an Eminem from the movie  “8 mile” and playing himself. There are a couple of scenes where Kevin Hart reverts to some of his iconic mannerisms that remind you that this is Kevin Hart, playing himself in this Netflix original. As far as the story goes, the twist could be seen coming a mile away, killing some of the suspense the story is trying to build up.  Another problem with the story is that characters behave irrationally causing them to not act in their own best interest. These irrationalities were placed in the story to keep it moving forward and it makes the story a little frustrating to watch.

Truth Bomb- If I’m being honest, Netflix “True Story” deserves a spark. This is a decent drama but not perfect. Some twists in the plot are easy to spot but in reality if you’re continuing to watch, it’s to see how the relationship between “The Kid” and Carlton ends up playing out. The bond that Hart and Snipes created carries the movie and is bigger than the murder drama the show set up. “True Story” feels like the resurgence of Snipes. We have seen a few small roles recently but this role put Snipes back in the spotlight and it feels good to see him there!

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