If I'm Being Honest

In a world where angels come to people and tell them the exact time of their death and Demons come to fulfill the prophecy. Humankind must figure out what they can do to stop the occurrence, while others create big worldly business off the fate of the “sinners’ ‘. In a literal battle for souls that will be declared as “sinners” and dragged to Hell, people must either accept their fate by having a public “demonstration” or take refuge to be dragged to hell, away from the public eye. Ultimately, Netflix, “Hellbound” is an exportation of what is morally “right” versus the standard of religion that comes from things we do not understand. Let’s explore if “Hellbound” is worth your time in a quick spoiler free review!

Fun Facts- “Hell Bound” pulls you into the show right away. The CGI is serviceable but the brutal way these “sinners” are dragged to hell is unique to this world. Somehow, this show is able to create scenes that you cannot take your eyes off of for a second and at the same time hard to watch because of the brutality. “Hellbound” makes its mark early by making the demons public, setting the tone for the type of story it wants to tell. Though the “demons” and the “angels” appearances are highlighted and the religious factions that spring to life because of the occurrences are interesting but it’s not what keeps the viewer invested.The story of these proclaimed “sinners” is the driving force of this Netflix show. The trauma these “sinners” face has numerous ramifications, not only personally but publicly. This allows the viewer to have a full experience that prepares you for the side story, that becomes a main story of a certain prophecy of being dragged to hell, all the more gripping and keeps you wanting to find out what happens next!

Hard Truth- The pacing of the story can get real slow and then all of a sudden the “demons” come and drag someone to hell. In the early going of the series, once the first person is dragged to hell in an emphatic public display, the show slows down as it spends time into a cop procedural  before abandoning the style of story telling and getting to the point of why this particular cop has a role to play in this story. Though this part of the story on paper is interesting, its execution drags the show along for a while. Overall most of the motivations of the characters are solid but having to go back and watch parts of an episode over again because I simply lost interest was tedious.The over professing by particular characters, such as the leader of the cult called “Arrowhead”gets very annoying, very fast.

Truth Bomb- If Im Being Honest, “Netflix, “Hellbound” gets a bonfire! This show starts off with intense brutality and decent looking CGI but loses you in the middle for a bit. The second half keeps you on the edge of your seat when an unlikely “sinner” is marked for death. Also, I have to  mention the fresh addition of characters and some hand to hand combat in the second act were welcomed. Those elements were a great way to liven the show up! This is not a perfect series but the story and brutality are unique and is more than worth checking out!

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