If I'm Being Honest

In a world divided , the top side city of Piltover strives for evolution and the oppressed underground city of Zaun fights for survival leading to the ultimate clash of the have and the have nots. The series follows a few characters from both sides of the tracks to tell an incredibly unique story of evolution. Whether it’s science in the name of progress or in the name of survival,  Arcane: League of Legends clearly sets itself apart from most video game adaptations. A quick spoiler free review of League of legends could help you decide whether this fantasy adventure on Netflix is for you!

Fun facts- Visually the show sets itself apart from other animations with striking colors and detail. The intricacy of the environment, down to the insects left me in awe. The action is unique to watch as it feels both primal but somehow advanced as the show progresses. Each brutal battle is reminiscent of the heavyweight boxing bouts of the past. This show definitely feels like we are about to leap into a new level of animation. Meanwhile,  the storytelling is on par with the animation. Without having any connection to the games it’s clear there are so many characters that could have taken the spotlight but it seems the writers chose the right stories to launch this series. “League of Legends gives you time with the characters in the past and then pushes the narrative forward. Visually “League of Legends” masterfully allows us to see how the younger versions of our protagonist still motivate the older versions of themselves as the conflicts heat up and the stakes are at there highest!

Hard truth- League of Legends  has so much going for it and the truth of the matter is it’s one of the best shows on any streaming platform. If you have no background with the game then it might be hard to get a handle on where the show is heading. Personally I was intrigued with the magic aspect and you don’t get much of the magic until close till the end of the season. Honestly, it does not detract from the show and clearly there is more to be told as they are just at the tip of the iceberg with that particular part of the story.

Truth Bomb- if I’m being honest, Arcane: league of Legends earned a Molotov! It’s one thing to try something new but then to execute it on the highest of levels is another. Again, with no knowledge of the game, Arcane: League of Legends is able to tell a story that is very layered. Characters’ motivations are clear and we get to see if those motivations become a gift or a curse. The animation is groundbreaking; characters are obviously animated but they have a texture to them that feels real. The action is brutal and the battles have consequences that leave you emotionally drained with the protagonist! Arcane: League of Legends is highly recommended if you’re looking for something to watch!

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