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Honest Review of Amazon Prime “Hanna” Seasons 1&2 

In a world where a man is forced to raise a young girl in the woods since her infancy, he must protect her from the secret government entity that is tasked to find her. Ex government soldier turned mercenary, Erik Heller has lived in the woods in isolation training Hanna for most of her fifteen years of life. When the secret subdivision of the C.I.A. Ultrax catches up to Erik and Hanna, they go on the run across different countries to keep Hanna from being captured by Ultrax and placed in a lab. This series is now heading into its third and final season on Amazon Prime but is it worth your time? A quick spoiler free review might help you decide if “Hanna” is worth watching.

Fun Facts-One of the best things about “Hanna” is the world building. With the continent of Europe as the backdrop this thriller navigates through different countries allowing a unique level of world building that adds a fresh take on every episode! “Hanna”starts with intensity and does not pump the brakes much through two seasons. The young actor, Esme Creed-Miles, who plays Hanna is amazing. Her physicality while performing during combat looks amazing and her ability to deliver lines is on the level of a seasoned pro. While Esme may be the star she is not the only one delivering great performances. Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller is the perfect cast for a rigid military man who only has one care in the world, protecting Hanna at all costs and sometimes the costs are high! Exciting gun battles mixed with brutal but exhilarating hand to hand fights make it impossible to stop watching once you start!

Hard Truth- There are a couple of episodes that might seem a little slower in pace. Though it may feel like nothing of consequence is happening that’s not the case. There is quite a bit of character building that takes place in these episodes but there are still great pieces of action that make up for the slower place during these moments to keep your eyes on the screen! The only character I have a small issue with in the first two seasons is agent Marissa Wiegler. Her motivations seem to be murky at best as she flips and flops from side to side, sometimes defending Hanna and others doing things that seem not to be in Hanna’s best interest. Maybe season 3 will uncover any further motivations to fulfill this character’s arc!

Truth Bomb- If Im Being Honest, Seasons 1 &2 of Amazon Prime’s “Hanna” gets a bonfire! Once I started this series I ran through it faster than Usain Bolt performing the 100 meter Dash at the olympics! Whether the set is placed in the Polish wilderness or in a cafe in Paris, each set piece breathes new life into the episodes. The acting along with the action are top notch with the stand out being Esme Creed-Miles! She deserves the highest of praise, a molotov worthy performance for her as he leads! The only issues with the show is that pacing can seem a little off at times but that’s only because coming down from some of the great action beats can be tough. At times the episode following a great action sequence is a little too slow in comparison but that does not take much away from the overall quality of the show!

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