If I'm Being Honest

In a world where comedy walks the line of being canceled, Micheal Che returns after 5 years since his last special to tackle patriotism, black leadership, loose bears and more. The SNL host has a style and voice that is very unique and his commentary on the world, how he sees it, is something worth pausing whatever you’re watching to hear what he has to say. His last special “Micheal Che Matters is and was an instant classic. Will he be able to deliver on another classic performance? A quick Honest review of Netflix comedy special, Micheal Che, “Shame the Devil” will let you know if this special is worth your time.


Fun Facts: Micheal Che, brings up some great insightful points. He has moments where he talks about riots and how the Asian culture was able to get a crime hate bill passed without having to forcefully do so. Micheal Che also touches on black leadership in a way that most do not speak on publicly. The SNL member also goes off on tangents and gets you to laugh from things you would not expect.


Hard Truth: Micheal Che, “Shame the Devil is not a very good special for a few reason. One it did not feel that It was well put together. Normally when Micheal Che goes in a direction you wouldn’t expect the end result usually ends with something funny, insightful or both. This special had a lot of those moments that just seemed to go nowhere. The other part of Micheal Che special that was problematic is he did not seem to have much knew to add to the conversation. He even goes as far to tell R Kelly  and O.J. Simpson jokes, that again, added nothing new to the conversation.


Truth Bomb: If I’m Being Honest, Micheal Che: Shame the Devil gets a trashcan. I laughed a couple times but not what I would expect from a comedy of Micheal Che’s caliber. He has a sketch show on HBO Max titled , “That Damn Micheal Che”, that got plenty of laughs while poking at the various topics in American culture. Maybe his involvement on the sketch show hindered his ability to put together a solid special but he literally seemed to quit or give-up by the end of the special. While I can’t recommend the Netflix special I can suggest his sketch show, “That Damn Micheal Che”.


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