If I'm Being Honest

In a world where a mother of two struggles with her confidence in her marriage, she listens to her eccentric father who takes her on an adventure to find out if her husband is being faithful! Apple TV’s “On the Rocks” stars Rashida Jones as Laura, the struggling wife with two daughters from her seemingly happy marriage with her husband Dean, played by Marlon Wayans. When Laura has an off encounter with Dean she starts to wonder if Dean is cheating with his business partner. Laura’s father Felix, who is rich and a bit of a playboy himself, pushes Laura to find out the truth by any means necessary but is Apple TV’s, “On the Rocks” necessary? Let’s find out in a quick review whether “On the Rocks” should be on your list of things to watch! 

 Fun Facts- Rashida Jones is serviceable in her role but the script does not seem to give her much to do. That does not mean all is lost because Bill Murray is in this movie and he’s there to eat! Bill Murray as a well-traveled, rich, womanizer can be fun to watch as he chews all the scenery. This role felt like it was made for Bill Murray to go nuts, but we will go into that more in the next section.

 Hard truth-Somehow Bill Murray is the best and worst part of this movie. Watching Bill Murray deliver lines with the charming wit that only he can be engaging and the director, Sofia Coppola, daughter of the famed director Francis Ford Coppola, understands the magic Bill Murray can bring to any scene. The problem is “On the Rocks’ ‘ felt like an over seasoned dish and Bill Murray, who was the sugar, was accidentally replaced with the salt and the cap fell off the bottle and dumped all over the dish. The shtick gets bitter as the movie seems to rely on Murray’s presence to keep it lively. The reason Bill Murray was relied on so heavily had to be because of the poor script. This movie does not give Rashida Jones or Damon Wayans much to do, and the movie suffers because of it. The script asks for characters to do things or act a certain way, but those actions end up being a smoke screen because ultimately nothing happens of consequence for either character and furthermore it feels like there was supposed to be some message of self-realization coming from one of the characters, Laura or Dean but again we end up with a disappointing nothing.  

 Truth Bomb- “If I’m Being Honest”, Apple TV “On the Rocks” gets a dumpster. This story seems like it was trying to go for something deep but only gets as deep as the dumpster this movie earned. The story tries to get us involved in the marital relationship between Laura and Dean, but it does not execute that connection well. The movie goes from the wedding to the couple having two kids and now a possible problem. The viewer has no real reference to what their relationship was prior to the incident that makes Laura feel Dean could be unfaithful. Then Laura’s father, Felix shows up and the movie gives us no real reason as to why she would even listen to her father who she loves but does not hold in high regard as far as relationships are concerned. Ultimately “On the Rocks” is a waste of time because there is no real issue, there is no real resolution and somehow this movie made Bill Murray pointless and dare I say unlikable, culminating in the weirdest father, daughter coming together story ever. 

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