Attack on titan has captivated the world with its unique storyline, amazing artwork and insane battles. This show is almost game of thrones esque due to the fact that it seemed like anyone could get it. All these factors lead most to say it is the greatest anime ever. Spoiler alert: it’s not. I’m going have to give you three anime I know that are better. Now you may think my opinion sucks, but hear me out!


Deathnote Anime Review

One of the problems with “Attack on Titan” is that the characters are not that interesting. The situations are interesting, but the characters are not. When they get into heavy dialogue the show feels like it’s dragging. “Death Note”, an anime about a genius kid named Light, finds a book that grants him the ability to kill by simply writing the name on the pages. Light decides to become a hero and kill bad guys. When Light puts the world on notice to no longer be naughty a Genius detective named “L” is tasked to stop him. This anime does not have any of the conventional action beats, but instead subverts the norm and makes the dialogue move at a pace that replaces the hand to hand combat. Also, the characters are so fascinating, especially “L”. From how he talks to how he sits, he is fun to watch. That’s not including the death god Ryuk who might be the greatest fly on the wall character ever as he watched the duel of genius unfold. The pace of the show moved as quickly as its genius characters. I was never sure who was going to win the battle of whit and brains to come out on top and for those reasons “Death Note” is a G.O.A.T. level anime over over Attack on Titan.


Naruto Anime Review

The next anime is legend and honestly shouldn’t be in question. Naruto has spawned so many legendary and iconic characters. Obviously the title character Naruto has his claim to fame but we also have Saske , Kakashi Jiraiya and many others. While Attack on Titan is plenty popular I don’t believe their characters will have the staying power of Naruto’s legendary characters. Both shows have amazing visuals and battle sequences but Naruto set the standard when it comes to hand to hand combat. Naruto managed to also have the best world building due to all of its characters being formidable in their own way. Every character was useful and at some point had their time to shine. While “Attack on Titan” has some of these same elements they don’t do it as well, so “Attack on Titan” definitely isn’t the G.O.A.T. over Naruto.


Full Metal Alchemist

Last but not least “Full Metal Alchemist” (Brotherhood) is the best anime created. This show has a cast of interesting and dynamic characters for us to follow as we ride with the Elric brothers on their way to reclaim what they lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life. This show has everything the other shows have but the biggest difference is that this show is tight. Full Metal gets us through a lot of backstory and character development including moments of levity to give us a break from all the negativity the characters face, while pushing the narrative forward. Maybe I’m not quick enough to keep up but I know a lot of people who are huge fans but admitted they rewatched a few times to catch everything. I believe “Attack on Titan’s” one note direction just gets bogged down in its own convoluted back story. While that may sound harsh, remember we are comparing G.O.A.T. level anime and “Full Metal Alchemist” Brotherhood sits on the throne.

Attack on Titian is a very good to great anime but when people start throwing around the G.O.A.T. title I have to object! The three anime, “Death Note”, ”Naruto” and ”Full Metal Alchemist” are all better. For “Attack on Titan” to be in consideration with the three aforementioned anime is a great compliment and should not be looked at as a knock on the show. If you still think my opinion sucks at least you stuck around to hear me out!